Cicaboom s.r.l. is an Italian Company specialized in the design, production and marketing of toys and publishing and entertainment products for children. Cicaboom’s mission is to create quality, timeless toys placed in a narrative universe that makes children dream.

“We create dreams, not pieces of plastic! “

The company was founded in 2016 and immediately established itself in the collectibles market through the right mix of passion, experience and intuition.

Cicaboom immediately differentiates itself from the competition, through products of the highest quality, for:

  • Design and creativity
  • Production standards
  • Product storytelling
  • Playability

Cicaboom is the owner of the Letrabots brand, toy letters that can be transformed into robots and Elastikorps, stretchable toys in various shapes and sizes, also available under license.

Cicaboom develops its own brands and boasts important collaborations with internationally renowned licensees such as Marvel, Naruto, Smurfs, My Hero Academia, One Piece, Master Of the Universe, Ninja Turtles.

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