Ministry of Trade implements new post-border check procedure for certain products, including toys: Beginning 1 February, the Customs Office will no longer inspect products at the border to ensure that they comply with Indonesian regulations. The new post-border check procedure is applicable to 21 product categories that fall under 2,642 HS codes, including the special product category which includes toys.

The Customs Office will rely on a self-declaration letter and other information submitted by importers through the online INATRADE and INSW website to determine which products comply with regulations. Products that do not meet mandatory requirements will be allowed to enter the country, but customs officials will flag them to relevant ministries to follow up and potentially enforce penalties. Director General for Foreign Trade Oke Nurwan has stated that the change in procedure does not actually change the requirements themselves. Rather, the new policy is intended to streamline the importation process and improve the ease of doing business.

Ministry of Trade updates import checking procedure for products under 2,642 HS codes to a post- border check, Bisnis Indonesia, January 26, 2018 Ministry of Trade simplifies the import procedures, Voice of Indonesia, January 26, 2018