May 15, 2017: Substitute bill about toy protection approved by Committee on the Welfare of Children

The committee is creating a substitute bill for House bills 321, 437, 3942, 2349, and 3042. The Committee discussed House Bills 321, 437 and 3943 that focus on regulating the importation, manufacture, distribution and sale of children’s toys, school supplies, childcare articles and other related products containing hazardous chemicals and providing penalties for violation thereof

House bill 2349 involves providing for toy and game safety labelling and appropriating the relevant funds. The representative is Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Harry Roque Jr. is the representative for House Bill 3043 which prohibits the sale of toys and other articles containing phthalates to children three years of age and below.

Since a similar bill was passed on third reading by the House in the previous 16th Congress, the committee sped up the process and a substitute bill was approved. There is no definite date for the release of the substitute bill.

Committee Daily Bulletin, Committee Affairs Department, May 15, 2017