Across sectors, the toy industry is moving in a more sustainable direction. The toy industry is no different and ATPA supports this move. The toy industry recognises the need for responsible manufacturing and has moved towards reducing plastic use and transitioning towards toys made from recycled or bio-plastic materials.

ATPA is committed to protecting the safety of children, which includes ensuring a greener healthier future. ATPA advocates for an environmentally sustainable toy industry and greater circularity.

What are the key components of a sustainable toy?

  • Durability – Using good materials to create toys that will last a long time

  • Repairability – Allow for different parts of a toy to be easily removed and replaced.

  • Compact and multifunctional with less material – Toy companies are also looking into incorporating the toy’s packing into either the toy or the play experience.

  • Origin – Considering the environmental impact raw materials have (including the environmental cost of shipping raw materials)

  • New Materials – sourcing for new environmentally friendly materials.

As part of our sustainability commitment, we are strong advocates for ethical manufacturing. We want to ensure that the toys children receive is not only high quality and safe but also produced in a high-quality safe environment. In particular, we are strongly against any form of child labour and we want to ensure that workers are treated fairly, with balanced work hours, appropriate compensation, and thorough protection against injury.

ATPA published in 2023 its first Position Paper on ‘Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging’ download your copy here