September 28 – 29: SEATA visits the Philippines with the Europe-ASEAN Business Alliance

The Southeast Asia Toy Association (SEATA) took part in a business mission organized by the Europe-ASEAN Business Alliance to Manila from September 28 – 29. The overall mission objective for SEATA was to introduce the Association to key stakeholders in the Philippines and to create openings for future engagement for SEATA with the relevant stakeholders under the new administration. During the mission, SEATA met with key stakeholders in the new administration, including the Department of Trade & Industry’s Undersecretary of the Industry Development Group and concurrent Head of the Board of Investments as well as the Department of Health’s Undersecretary for Policy and Health Systems.

The Department of Trade & Industry was pleased to hear about the formation of SEATA by responsible toy manufacturers operating in the region. The meeting was helpful in introducing SEATA to key stakeholders in the Department of Trade and Industry which has been a key stakeholder in helping to address restrictive labelling regimes and promote the recognition of international safety norms. The meeting provided SEATA an opportunity to display its commitment to play a part in the country’s economic growth under the recently elected government.  The meeting with the Department served as an important preliminary introduction of SEATA to the senior key officials including the newly appointed Undersecretary Roger Tong-An. The meeting also positioned SEATA to engage key stakeholders in the Department of Health on upcoming issues it has an interest on in the Philippines, including the prevention of restrictive safety and on labelling regulations.