About Us

The Asia Toy and Play Association (ATPA) is a non-profit that provides a platform for dialogue between various stakeholders in the toy industry. Our aim is to promote a toy industry that provides safe and valuable toys to children everywhere.

History of ATPA

The idea of an international toy industry association was born in 2010, when 3 of the leading industry players (HASBRO, the LEGO Group and MATTEL) decided to start collaborating in the Asian region. This collaboration was formalized in 2016 with the creation of the Southeast Asia Toy Association Ltd (SEATA), which in 2020 was rebranded as Asia Toy & Play Association Ltd (ATPA) in order to reflect the new geographical scope – beyond Southeast Asia – and the broader activities and services that we offer. We are present across Asia, either through direct representation or local associations.

Work with us

ATPA is a growing organisation and our reach in Asia Pacific is expanding. We offer a range of engagement opportunities – both part and full time – to join our team:

–> ATPA Internship Programme –ATPA_Intern JD

–> ATPA Project Based Engagements –ATPA_Membership_BD_JD

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