ATPA Celebrates UN Resolution Establishing International Day of Play


SINGAPORE, March 27, 2024 – The Asia Toy and Play Association (ATPA) proudly celebrates the adoption of the United Nations resolution establishing the International Day of Play, to be observed annually on the 11th of June. This historic resolution recognizes the importance of play in promoting education, development and well-being of children around the world.

The establishment of the International Day of Play is a significant milestone in promoting the value of play and its positive impact on individuals and communities worldwide. Play is not only essential for the physical and mental development of children but also plays a vital role in fostering their creativity, social skills and problem-solving abilities.

ATPA commends the efforts of  Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia, in leading the drafting and tabling of this resolution at the United Nations General Assembly and welcome its co-sponsorship by all the other ASEAN member states. This collective commitment to the importance of play highlights the region’s dedication to promoting the rights of children and ensuring their access to safe and inclusive play environments.

“Play is a universal language that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries,” said Matteo Vezzosi,  Executive Director of ATPA. “We are thrilled to see the United Nations recognize the importance of play through the establishment of the International Day of Play. This initiative will raise awareness of the critical role that play plays in the lives of children worldwide.”

ATPA reaffirms its commitment to promoting play as a fundamental right for all individuals and will continue to work closely with governments, organizations, and communities to create safe and inclusive play spaces for children and adults alike.

As the world celebrates the inaugural International Day of Play on June 11th, ATPA encourages everyone to embrace the joy of play and recognize its transformative power in shaping a brighter future for generations to come.

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Matteo Vezzosi, Executive Director

Asia Toy and Play Association