Our Services

  1. 1. Intellectual Property
    • Advocacy & Trainings: ATPA arranges regular trainings and capacity building sessions with customs and enforcement authorities across Asia. The aim is to train and educate officials on how to efficiently and proactively identify potential counterfeits products and IPR infringements. Also our advocacy practise aims at increasing the focus of officials on toys. ATPA creates hands-on manuals to be shared with custom agents
    • Regulatory monitoring: ATPA monitors new regulatory and policy developments across the region that may have impacts on the business. Topics may vary based on members’ interests.
    • Market Surveys: ATPA and its partners conduct market surveys in a specific market (online/offline) and in collaboration with members can take immediate practical enforcement action when counterfeit products are being found

    Other services via our preferred partners include:

    • Investigations
      – Test Purchases for both online and offline marketplaces
      – In-depth investigations into a seller
    • Enforcement
      – Retail per target
      – Wholesaler – Factory/Warehouse
    • Customs
      Customs Recordal applications and follow ups (ie attending to notification from Customs or Police on seizure made)
  2. 2. Regulatory Analysis

    ATPA offers tailored regulatory analysis for companies in a specific country and for a specific objective. Such analysis are useful for firms wanting to get an overview of the regulatory landscape in a market, where they may want to enter or expand to.

  3. 3. Market Reports

    Our market reports provide an general overview of the opportunities and challenges for toy companies in certain countries. They focus on the current business environment, analysing the regulatory frameworks, barriers to entry as well as local standardization requirements. They also give a broad overview of the stakeholder engaged in the toy industry ecosystem.

    A selection of market reports are complimentary for members

  4. 4. Market Entry Support Package
    • First consultation
      ATPA can provide consultation services to help support members access to new markets. Services include market reports and analysis tailored to the member’s specific product(s) and business model.
    • Stakeholders mapping
      As part of ATPA’s services, we provide insight into various stakeholders within a local toy industry and how these actors impact the industry and could influence a member’s goals in a country.
    • Introductions
      ATPA can provide members with introductions to relevant local policymakers, regulators and industry associations. 
    • Due diligence
      ATPA can support due diligence enquiries on business partners.
  5. 5. Business missions

    ATPA organises industry delegations to ASEAN member states to have bilateral meetings with various Government Ministries and Stakeholders. Meetings are usually arranged at the highest rank possible and based on members’ inputs.

  6. 6. Meeting Arrangements

     ATPA also offers to arrange meetings between members, regulators, policy makers and local industry associations. 

Many services are complimentary with ATPA membership, whereas others are available for a competitive fee.

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